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Vegan MoFo 2013!

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That’s right, it’s finally here – VEGAN MOFO 2013!! This year, during the month of September, hundreds of bloggers from around the world will be posting 20-30 vegan food related posts each…..that’s a TON of recipes, reviews, tips and tricks!! Not only am I super excited to read what everyone else is doing, but this will be the first Vegan MoFo that The Singin’ Vegan will be a part of!

If you head over to the Vegan MoFo website, you can see all of the participating bloggers, categorized by country, state, and blog category. Some bloggers have chosen a theme for the month (I’m personally VERY excited about the month of Mac n’cheese that will be coming from Vegan Yack Attack), but I decided to go without this year. September is a super busy month for me as a music teacher, so my focus will be on quick and easy food ideas for those crazy days when there just isn’t time to really spend hours cooking. I will also be throwing in a couple of restaurant reviews from around Philly…you all need to know about these places!

Looking forward to “meeting” some new people and adding lots of yummy recipes to my arsenal….so sit back and enjoy the Vegan MoFo ride!  =)

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