Vegan Food Swap Reveal: October 2012

Who knew that being a vegan blogger could mean getting involved in so many cool things? Not only did I participate in my very first Vegan Food Swap (organized by Cat at The Verdant Life), but I am also getting ready to be a part of my very first Virtual Vegan Potluck on November 1st (National Vegan Day)!

I read about the Vegan Food Swap on Instagram and knew as soon as I read the details that I HAD to be a part of it! Each month, vegan bloggers and non-bloggers that have signed up get randomly matched with a person that will receive your swap box. Your job, as the sender, is to pick some of your favorite, low cost ($20 spending limit) vegan treats to stuff your box with, and send them out to the person that you were matched with.

This month, I was matched with Ellen from Fulenn’s Kitchen – she is participating in the Vegan MOFO (Month of Food) and has some great recipes and pictures up on her site. I’m looking forward to trying out her Pad Thai recipe! Ellen sent me a great box chock full of things that I have never tried before! Take a look!

Full Box
The goodies!

One of the things I was most excited to see in the box was a packet of Justin’s nut butter (this one is chocolate hazelnut) – I have been DYING to try it, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Let me tell you, it was heavenly! It had just the right amount of sweetness in it – I WILL be hunting this down! Ellen also threw in some other sweets, including some fruit leathers, candy bars, and some mango rolls (pictured later). Yum!


There were also some really cool savory items – like papa seca (dried potatoes), macaroni, sesame crackers…


…bouillon cubes, a French Bistro ready-to-eat meal…

Savory 2

…and some instant polenta!


One of the best parts about the box was the homemade treat that was included – a bag of homemade dehydrated persimmon slices! Ellen wrote a quick note and let me know that they came from the tree in her yard – how cool!

Overall, the Vegan Food Swap was a great experience! I had so much fun picking out items for someone I didn’t know and I loved receiving a surprise box of goodies from another vegan blogger! If you want to take part in the next swap (January 2013 – there is a break for the holiday season), head on over to The Verdant Life to register! Maybe we will be matched!  😉

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