The City That Never Sleeps….maybe?

My favorite picture of the night!
My favorite picture of the night!

Even though you haven’t heard much from me here on the blog, I have been working on some of the items on my 30 Before 30 list….September is coming up quickly! Plus, it was 80 degrees here in Philadelphia this weekend, and in the 20’s last night, so why not post a winter topic? One thing that I was super excited to do was to see the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center this year. I was born and raised in NY, but I have never seen the tree…crazy, right?

After a great Christmas dinner with my family on Long Island, my boyfriend surprised me and said that we were going to see the tree THAT NIGHT! What’s more perfect than seeing the lights ON Christmas night? I was beyond stoked. We left LI a little on the late side, but didn’t think twice about it. It’s NYC…the city that never sleep, right? Umm, wrong. By the time we got to the tree, they had SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS!!!


Of all nights, why would they shut off the tree on Christmas? Who knew?

Needless to say, I was disappointed, but we wanted to make the best of our trip into the city. It was FREEZING, but we took a stroll around the surrounding area and saw some awesome decorations and took some great pictures. We actually had a ton of fun, and I even got to hug a giant nutcracker!

photo 2

Even though we didn’t see the tree lit up, I was still excited to be there and to feel the holiday spirit. We will DEFINITELY try again next year!

Check out some of the awesome pictures we took:

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