Holy Guacamole!

Avocado-y goodness!

I know it’s fall. I know it’s getting cold outside. But sometimes, I just want guacamole! Plus, with the upcoming holidays, guac is awesome to put out so that everyone can pick at it before dinner. This is my favorite recipe, and it comes from my boyfriend’s mom. She is the sweetest lady and quite the cook! Look at how cute she is:

Mr. and Mrs. Guisao
Aren’t they a sweet couple?

The first time I tried her guacamole, I fell in love with it….I had to learn how to do it! Next time, I sat with her in the kitchen while she prepared everything. It’s always fun to see other people cook/prepare things, and this was no exception!

Guacamole 2

Holy Guacamole!
Recipe type: Snack
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 3
  • 3 avocados
  • ½ onion (white or red), diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, seeded and diced
  • ½ bunch of cilantro, chopped
  • The juice of 2 limes
  1. Make sure that all ingredients, except avocados, are prepped and chopped before cutting the avocados - this will help you to avoid oxidation.
  2. Slice and pit the avocados, then spoon the flesh out into a large bowl.
  3. Using a potato masher, mash the avocado until you get the desired consistency. I like mine to be slightly chunky.
  4. Add in the onion, garlic, tomato and cilantro, stirring until mixed.
  5. Juice one lime into the guac and mix. I like extra juice in mine, so I use two limes. Use as much juice as needed to reach the desired consistency.
  6. Add salt to taste.
  7. Enjoy!

Grab yourself some whole wheat chips and a strong margarita and chow down!

Guac and chips


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