My name is Julie and I am a 30-year-old music teacher outside of Philadelphia, PA. Up until now, music has been my life – but I quickly realized that I also have a passion for food, cooking, and blogging about it! About three years ago, I decided to give up meat for a short amount of time, and this decision turned into a trip towards veganism. My official vegan anniversary is April 25th, 2012! This blog was created to document my journey towards and with a plant-based diet and will include personal stories, recipes, inspirations and anything else that I feel is relevant. I hope to find more people on a similar journey to share resources with, and I would love to help inspire anyone else thinking about taking this step.

Please feel free to follow/converse with me on other Social Media platforms:

Email: julie@thesinginvegan.com

Twitter: @TheSinginVegan
Pinterest: Julie2884
Google+: Julie Manfredi
YouTube: Julie2884

I also write another WordPress blog called “Music Ed Musings” about my adventures as an elementary music teacher – feel free to check it out!

I look forward to connecting with all of you!

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