30 Before 30

30 Before 30

With the new year fast approaching, people are starting to make and post their resolutions. While I understand that making something public can help to hold you accountable, I don’t like the word “resolutions” and what it stands for….goals that are set only because of the new year and usually don’t get carried out. On my Music Ed blog, I wrote a post last year about my goals for 2012, both personally and professionally – I can honestly say that I made headway in each one of those areas and I feel that I am better because of it. I feel like publicly posting the goals really helped me to stay focused on what I needed to accomplish.

This year, I wanted to do something different; instead of a few goals for 2012, I wanted to make a list of the things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 in a year and a half (September 2014). My inspiration came from my friend Aubrey at Project Lovegood and her list of goals, as well as all of the random ideas that pop into my head while showering or in bed for the night! For some, 30 can be a bit of an ominous number – I like to think of it as something to conquer and move through head first! All of the items on my list are things that I have been wanting to do or have dreamed of doing, but just haven’t. I won’t use time as an excuse….no, I think a lot of it might be stepping out of my comfort zone. But you know what? I need to be better at that! What better way to practice than accomplishing my list? Here goes:

  1. Run a 5K
  2. Record a video for YouTube using guitar instead of piano
  3. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (Orientation is done, just need to pick a date to volunteer!)
  4. Organize/play a major role in a vegan bake sale
  5. Make my own pasta from scratch
  6. Go to the ballet
  7. Be completely credit card debt free 
  8. Travel to Europe (I would LOVE to go to Italy!)
  9. See the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center (I lived in NY for 18 years and never saw it!)
  10.  Donate blood (I’ve always been underweight)
  11. Crochet/knit a gift for someone (I took up crocheting – definitely not ready to make something for anyone!)
  12. Have a successful vegetable garden (Over 70 seedlings started this year!)
  13. Host a completely cruelty-free holiday meal
  14. Volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary
  15. Write a song (I haven’t written anything new, but I did FINALLY share the song I wrote 9 years ago HERE)
  16. Attend a food festival
  17. Learn how to swim
  18. Visit the West Coast (I have been an East Coast girl my entire life)
  19. Buy a bike and use it to run errands (Bike has been bought – just have to use it for errands!)
  20. Create a workout regimen that works for me
  21. Attend a vegan meetup
  22. Become CPR-certified
  23. Take part in a flash mob
  24. Plant a tree
  25. Become more consistent with blogging – at least 1 post per week
  26. Take a class that is not related to music and/or teaching (my career)
  27. Complete two 30-day challenges (different) in hopes of inspiring better habits (1 challenge complete!)
  28. Minimize clutter and unnecessary items in my home through donation, recycling and reusing (for projects)
  29. Reach (amount censored) in my savings account
  30. Adopt an animal from a  shelter or rescue

So what happens if I don’t accomplish all of my goals? Well….nothing, really. It won’t be the end of the world, though I may be a bit disappointed. I DO think that having this list will force me to not stay stagnant in the next year and a half….I’m looking forward to the challenge!


Do you have certain things that you want to accomplish before turning 30? 40? 50? I would love to read your list….please share in the comments below!

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