Hearty Vegetable Soup with Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Mix

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Oh, look – another soup recipe! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you – I LOVE soup!

It’s been a busy month around here – I had no idea how much work it is to make a house into a home! We’ve been spending a lot of weeknights organizing, cleaning, and painting because the weekends are  super busy. I was really trying to finish up the painting in the kitchen last week, and I needed something easy and quick to throw together to keep us going. I found this package of Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix in my pantry and I knew I could come up with something yummy!

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Cauliflower Miso Soup with Baby Bok Choy

Cauliflower Miso Soup

I love soup. Such a simple statement for such a deep, resounding love! I could eat soup everyday and be perfectly happy…especially now that it has been so cold here in PA!

We took a trip to the local H-Mart yesterday to look for some ingredients that I couldn’t find in my regular grocery store. If you haven’t visited a store like H-Mart, you’re missing out! I love checking out all of the veggies and fruits that I’ve never used before, and discovering new sauces and ingredients. Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I went looking for, but I did buy some baby bok choy and miso paste. What better to use them for than a big pot of soup!
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Whole Wheat Belgian Waffles


2014 was really great to me – I was healthy (no major issues), I was successful in my career, I continued a wonderful relationship, and just a few weeks ago we were able to buy our first home! I’ve had a blast decorating and cooking in my brand new kitchen (which I am totally in love with). My sister Stephanie, co-owner of WoodstockNYC, gave us an awesome housewarming/Christmas present last week…..a WAFFLE MAKER!

Waffle Maker

I have been eyeing up waffle makers for the last couple of months, but never actually made the purchase, so this was perfect timing! Of course, I had to break it out and make some waffles as soon as I got it home! I wanted something basic, nothing fancy, for my first attempt….and it turned out great!

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White Bean and Kale Soup with Smoked Paprika Chili Oil

White Bean and Kale Soup with Smoked Paprika Chili Oil3

My poor boyfriend, Ramon, had to get all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed right after we got back from the Dominican Republic this week…..what a way to get back into things! Even though it’s still technically summertime here in Philadelphia, it feels kind of chilly after spending a week in over 90 degree temperatures. The grey, rainy days this week have also put me in kind of a funk after seven days of paradise. So in order to feed my swollen and sore boyfriend, and to warm up the chill that I couldn’t kick, I decided to make soup!
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My Newest Musical Obsession: Sam Smith

Seriously, though…where did this guy come from? If you haven’t hear Sam Smith’s smooth vocals coming through your radio these last few weeks, I’m not really sure where you have been! He is definitely taking over the airwaves and rightfully so….I love when a super talented person gets the radio time they deserve. As much as I love the stuff on the radio, I really enjoy his acoustic versions of songs better. When the song is slowed down, he really has a chance to add some emotion and really showcase his vocal abilities.

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Homemade Arepas with Refried Beans and Cheese

I can honestly say that adopting a plant-based diet has opened me up to a love of cooking, and to so many new cuisines and styles of cooking. I used to just stick with the same meals over and over again, mostly pasta (because it was fast and easy). Now, I don’t mind spending the extra time in the kitchen to make something healthy, delicious, AND beautiful!

I’ve had arepas before, but I have never made them myself. Arepas are flatbreads that are made out of ground maize dough. I’ve had them with Colombian food, but I found out that they are also a staple in Venezuela – in both countries, they are eaten almost every day! They are actually SUPER EASY to make at home. All you need is a bag of this awsomeness:


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My Favorite Things: Video Edition

With all of the time that I spend on social media (follow us on FB, IG, and Twitter!), I come across a TON of videos that I love! So, I figured….why not share them here? I love to see happy animals, people showing compassion towards others and animals, recipe/cooking videos and anything else that is awesome!

So, without further ado, my top 5 videos from this week, in no particular order:

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